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New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in partnership with The Embassy International Chamber of Commerce (EICC) is proud to debut…”New Birth Business Directory Powered by EICC

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president President Reginald Winfrey, Esq.

Welcome to the Embassy International Chamber of Commerce (EICC).

EICC Vision: A Marketplace Ministry transforming society by connecting faith and business to glorify God.

EICC Mission: The Embassy International Chamber o Commerce connects faith and the marketplace by:

* Inspiring and equipping Christians to live their faith in the marketplace;

* Equipping, educating, training, and developing entrepreneurs, marketplace leaders, and businesses;

* Connecting entrepreneurs, marketplace leaders, and businesses to resources and relationships; and

* Empowering Christians entrepreneurs, marketplace leaders and businesses to lead in the marketplace and to set the standard of excellence in their specific areas of business.

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